We see foodsource as a work in progress. Our goal now is to secure funding to maintain foodsource as a living and growing resource.  Specifically we seek support to:

  • Expand foodsource: increasing the range of topics covered (e.g. new chapters on the political economy of food, the multiple influences on consumption practices, on food losses and waste, and on aquaculture). We will do this by engaging with our academic collaborators
  • Create a foodsource advisory board comprising academics and end users (including civil society and other organisations) to ensure that the evolving content is both:
    • intellectually robust, and
    • clear, accessible and useful
  • Develop other formats for disseminating knowledge, such as webinars where invited experts guide participants through key issues summarised in foodsource and which provide a platform for further discussion and debate

Can you support us?

If you are potentially interested in supporting foodsource, or know of funders who may be able to help, please contact Tara Garnett on taragarnett@fcrn.org.uk

Give your feedback on foodsource

We actively welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can improve and expand foodsource. We are particularly keen to hear:

  • your ideas on ‘issue gaps’ we should address that either need including in existing chapters or that merit their own chapter
  • about inaccuracies you find in the content
  • your thoughts on ways to make foodsource clearer and more accessible to users
  • suggestions for how this resource could evolve and expand its impact.

Please send your feedback to Sam Lee Gammage.