Foodsource is a project of the Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) at the University of Oxford.

The FCRN is an interdisciplinary and international network operating at the intersection of food, climate, and broader sustainability issues. Our principles of impartiality, academic rigour and interdisciplinarity inform our vision of a fair, healthy and ethical food system that sits within environmental limits. 

Our mission is to foster the informed dialogue and critical thinking needed to build mutual understanding and collective action on food systems sustainability. 

To this end we work to: 

  • Produce, disseminate and communicate accurate, agenda-free and interdisciplinary knowledge;
  • Provide real and virtual spaces for stakeholders to share knowledge and perspectives;
  • Broker dialogues on emerging or controversial issues across sectors, disciplines and ideologies 

We are based at the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute and form part of the Oxford Martin School Programme on the Future of Food.

What do we do?

Making the most of our unique bridging role between academia, civil society and policy we:

Produce research and research synthesis on ‘difficult’ or emerging areas of critical concern for the food system. We have published on topics that include: the contested concept of ‘sustainable intensification’, sustainable diets, the evolution of food systems in China, and the relationship between animal welfare and livestock intensification.

Act as a knowledge hub: we summarise and make accessible and available the research of others, through our comprehensive online research library (with 3500+ documents summarised); Fodder, our weekly newsletter; and our interview, debates and blogs series.

Link people together and broker dialogues via our knowledge exchange forums and membership pages. Our 1400 network members span over 70 countries, and are drawn from academia, civil society, policy and industry.

What does this achieve?

Our commitment to: producing our own interdisciplinary, agenda-free research; communicating both our work and that of others; and providing spaces for multiple perspectives to be heard, enable us to:

  • Fill the need for a trusted, free and impartial source of knowledge and act as a knowledge brokerfor the diverse audiences who use it
  • Show the big picture and diverse perspectives – stakeholders need to see how their particular concern or approach fits into the larger food challenge.
  • Help research deliver impact by making it accessible and relevant to non-specialists.
  • Inform policy through our research analysis, our events and representation on advisory groups. 
  • Connect people, institutions and expertise so that ideas are shared and collaborations formed
  • And in so doing, ultimately help shape the narrative on food system sustainability.

Join the network

The FCRN website provides a space where people from diverse disciplines, sectors and geographies can come together to debate and collaborate. 

We welcome you to join the FCRN network as a member by registering a profile on our website. 

Registration is free and open to everyone.  Our members include academics, policy makers, representatives of the food industry, civil society organisations, students and interested individuals.

By creating a profile and joining as a member you will not only receive Fodder, our weekly newsletter; membership also enables you to get in touch with all the other FCRN network members, to see what work they are doing, and perhaps explore collaborations.  You will also be able to ask and answer questions on our Forum pages, comment on our reports and other website content, write blog posts about your work, and more. In short, becoming a member is a great way to expand your professional network and connect with a global web of researchers, practitioners and policymakers working at the intersection of food, climate, and broader sustainability issues.

If you have any questions please contact Sam Lee Gammage.