foodsource is a project of the Food Climate Research Network at the University of Oxford. Led by Tara Garnett, the resource builds upon presentations she has given over the course of many years, which have been very substantially developed and extended by Will Nicholson, Jessica Finch and Tara Garnett.

Additional material and suggestions have also been generously and helpfully provided by Professor Tim Benton (particularly Chapters 1, 5 and 6), Dr Pete Scarborough (mainly Chapter 8), Dr Elin Röös (large chunks of Chapter 2), Professor Pete Smith (mainly Chapter 3) and Professor David Little (parts of Chapter 5).

Additional reviews, comments and input have been provided by Marie Persson (FCRN), Mara Galeano Carraro and the FCRN’s Advisory Board. Many people have also very kindly given their time to review the slides: we are especially grateful to Professor Mike Hamm, Dr Elin Röös, Dr Peter Scarborough, Dr Tim Hess, Professor Tim Key, Professor Tim Benton, Professor David Little and Professor Peter Smith. However, any inaccuracies and errors are of course our responsibility.